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Which Kitchen Style is right for you?

When contemplating a new kitchen, one of the initial and pivotal decisions is to identify the style that resonates with you. This choice typically falls into one of two categories: Classic or Contemporary. By selecting your style from the outset, it lays the foundation for you and our designers to craft the perfect space.

DKAB Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchens exude timeless elegance and enduring charm. Characterized by their distinctive features and a warm colour palette, they seamlessly blend sophistication and comfort, creating a welcoming space that stands the test of time.

Whether you lean towards a classic traditional, embrace a contemporary shaker, go for an urban vibe, or find inspiration anywhere in between, the possibilities are endless.

Contemporary kitchens are the pinnacle of design, marrying innovation with artistic flair.

Marked by a blend of textures and materials that seemingly merge into a dynamic statement of how you want to live, often backed by cutting-edge technology.

DKAB Contemporary Kitchen
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