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Your Project

Following our simple 5 step process will guide you through your installation and ensure nothing is left to chance.

Step 1 - Consultation
During your initial consultation we visit your home and focus purely on the layout and practical aspects of your project. We work through a list of questions to make sure all areas are covered and provide you with a ballpark estimate to ensure it fits within your budget.

Step 2 - Design
Using the VERY latest CAD software, detailed plans and 360-degree panoramic visuals are created giving a very realistic image of how your finished room will look. We will arrange an appointment for you to view your design at the showroom and provide an itemised quotation, together with any associated trades you require.

Architect Plans, Builders, Cad Design, Estimate
Samples Door, Worktops, Handles, Wood finishes, Egger

Step 3 - Choices
At this point we know you love your design and the price is right for you so you can get your creative juices flowing and choose from a wonderful selection of doors, handles, tops and flooring while safely in the knowledge that we won’t let you make a mistake.

Step 4 - Check Measure
Now your design, price and choices are sorted and you are happy to proceed we carry out our final check measure before ordering and give you your projected start and completion date.

Step 5 - Installation
This one speaks for itself and all you have to do is control your excitement until we get to the point of handing you your keys back and leaving you to enjoy the beauty of your new DKAB installation.

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